This is a logo that I was commissioned to create for Innofa Innovative Fabrics. Innofa produces fabrics
with unique features by finishing and/or by using special yarns. Thermo-Gel is a mattress fabric coating
that helps to keep body temperature cool and comfortable. When designing this logo, I wanted to
use cool blue and green colors that represents this product. The colors weave within each other at the
top which shows the idea of how their products are produced.
Carolina Royal Strings is a string ensemble located in Charlotte, North Carolina.that specializes in providing live music for any variety of occasion including weddings, corporate and social events, chamber music recitals and more. When asked to design the logo for Carolina Royal Strings, my client wanted a logo that showed elegance and grace. The city of Charlotte is also considered the Queen City which is signified by the crown in the logo.
Envision Millwork provides quality millwork and expert installation for high-end residential and commercial builders. My idea behind this logo was to make the word ENVISION appear to rise above the horizon.
This logo was for a client who is textile design consultant. She was looking for something simple and classy in 1 or 2 colors (Grey + Accent) that has a contemporary classic feel (MidCentury Modern). She wanted to highlight the
first letter in each word as those were her initials.
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