This was a studio test shot to capture pouring water over a Clinique soap product. The stream of water was straightened out and the splash at the top was composited to give a more dramatic effect. The stand that the soap was on was also masked out.
These were product shots for a story that appears in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Each of the bags were retouched and color corrected. The shadows on and around the bags were also retouched to reveal more detail in the bags.
This was photographed for a beauty story. After the model was shot, the art director decided that she did not like the curl on their forehead. I retouched that out and the cumber was shot separately and composited.
The work that you see here for the GQ Magazine Man Issue started out with an airbrush artist painting directly on to the model's body. He was then photographed, his nipples, belly button and thong were retouched out. The end result was for him to have a plastic "Ken Doll" appearance. This piece was also used as an icon throughout the story.
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